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Inventory Testing Service
Do you have an inventory of spare Thyristors / Rectifiers but are not sure of their condition? We can provide a technician and a high voltage semiconductor testing unit. Our technician can test each spare power module you have and give you a report that provides you the status of each. The testing service can be provided for just travel expenses. Our goal is to get your technicians a complete list of reliable spares. If our technician discovers any power modules that are in need of repair he can provide a proposal to repair the faulty units. Give us a call to schedule an Inventory Testing Service visit. (360) 433-2886

Repairs - Drive Thyristors / Rectifiers
If you have Thyristor / Rectifier units that need repair we can help! Summit 's team has experience and expertise in testing, rebuilding and repairing many different types and brands of thyristor assemblies. Summit's experience includes but is not limited to the thyristor part numbers listed below. Also, you will see the individual components tested and if necessary replaced. We take all necessary precautions to ensure these modules are better than new when they go into one of your drives.

* All rebuilds are under warranty for one year.

* Summit can repair AC drive power modules (IGBT).

Description of Repairs

Part Description of Work Done
Testing All individual components are tested . If any part fails our rigorous testing we will replace all the parts listed below. This will avoid having a weak part causing a failure.
Cleaning Entire assembly is thoroughly cleaned. Heat sinks and backing plate are checked for pitting and other damage.
Gate Driver Board Existing gate drivers and leads are tested with an Oscilloscope and Signal Generator and if found to be faulty are replaced with factory replacement parts.
SCR Pucks Existing SCR pucks are tested and if necessary discarded. New pucks are installed and tested for proper operation. Torque is measured when reassembling units to ensure proper compression of SCR.
MOV Existing metal-oxide varistors are tested and replaced if necessary.
Capacitors All capacitors are tested to ensure standard charge and discharge rate. If shorted or faulty in any other way the capacitors are replaced with factory matched replacements.
Resistors The existing resistors are tested and replaced if necessary.
Component Connections All wire connections are tested and repaired if necessary. Poor connectivity can and will cause drive faults.

Reliance Thyristor Part No.

86466-11R 86466-12R 86466-12S 86466-15R 86466-16R
86466-17T 86466-18R 86466-18S 86466-1OR 86466-25R
86466-25S 86466-25T 86466-25V 86466-26R 86466-26S
86466-26T 86466-26V 86466-28R 86466-28S 86466-37R
86466-3R 86466-48RB 86466-48S 86466-48T 86466-60R
86466-60S 86466-60T 86466-60V 86466-61R 86466-74R
86466-74RB 86466-74RC 86466-74RD 86466-74RE 86466-74RF
86466-74S 86466-74T 86466-SOW

Reliance Rectifier Stack Part No.

86466-47R 86466-47RF 86466-47S 86466-47T 86466-49R
86466-49RB 86466-49T 86466-4T 86466-58R 86466-58S
86466-59S 86466-59T 86466-5R 86466-5S 86466-61S
86466-62R 86466-62S 86466-63R 86466-64R 86466-69R
86466-75R 86466-76R 86466-77S 86466-78R 86466-78RB
86466-78S 86466-78T 86466-78V 86466-79R 86466-80R
86466-81R 86466-81S 86466-84V 86466-84W 86466-85R
86466-85S 86466-87R 86466-87S 86466-88R 86466-88S
86466-88T 86466-8R 86466-91R 86466-91RB 86466-91SB
86466-91T 86466-92RB 86466-92SB 86466-10R 86466-60W
86466-18T 86466-48R 86466-43S