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At Summit Integration we understand Process Control. We want to emphasize that our goal is to find solutions to improve your overall process. Below you will see our capabilites to do so. You can always contact us to discuss possible solutions to your Process Control needs.

PLC Programming / PLC Conversions
Summit Engineers work with many PLC platforms and programming software.

  • New PLC for a process application?
    Have a new project that needs to be robust while taking advantage the new functionalities of the new breed of PLCs? Our team can work with your plant engineers, or your project engineering firm to maximize the dependability and the capabilities of the control system so your process operates easily and problem free. Both your operating and maintenance personnel will appreciate the ease of working with the fully thought out systems our team can help.

  • New software for an existing PLC?
    Are you having recurring software and hardware issues with one on your PLC systems? Our team can provide a system review of both the software running on your PLCs and the hardware to troubleshoot recurring issues or what seems to be random errors. Our team has the experience to help find the issues and correcting either hardware, or software issues to resolve problems permanently.

  • New PLC to replace obsolete hardware on existing system?
    Newer PLC platforms are providing enhanced functionality along with becoming more powerful every day. Our team has been instrumental in helping our customers replace older systems with smaller footprint new PLC systems. This reduces points of failure by taking advantage of the power of the new systems. The functionality of the new systems also allows us to simplify the PLC software for easier troubleshooting for on-site technicians. When it comes time to replace your PLC hardware call us so we can help you determine the best route to take and how to interface the new system into your plant systems.

HMI Development
Summit Integration specializes in the design and implementation of many different HMI solutions including:

  • Wonderware
  • RSViewSE
  • Iconics
  • PanelView
  • PanelMate

Thyristor Module Repair and Supply

  • Test and rebuild SCR assemblies to better than new specifications.
  • When rebuilt correctly with proper components, thyristor assemblies will last longer thus reducing unnecessary down time
  • Summit also has the ability to supply spare thyristor modules to be installed immediately when existing modules fail.
  • For more information see Repairs

Process Control Networks Integration

  • Ethernet/IP, ControlNet, DH+, RIO, Profibus, Modbus RTU, Modbus Plus, ASCII, OPC Servers